Frequently asked questions

What if I do not have valid medical coverage?

If we are unable to validate your medical coverage or you do not have medical coverage there will be a charge for your visit. (See Uninsured Services)

What if I live in another province or country ?

If you have active coverage in another province (excluding Quebec) you just need to provide us with your card.

If you are from out of the country we are more than happy to see you but their will be a fee. (See Uninsured Services)

There will be a charge for all patients who do not have valid medical coverage.

Does my child need to be with me to discuss their care/issue?

Yes, in order for the doctor to discuss care of your child, it is necessary for the child to be present.

Will you call me with my results?

If your results is abnormal, we will make every effort to get a hold of you to follow up with your results. We do not call for normal results. We urge all patients to follow up on all tests (done after the appropriate number of days)