Walk-in Clinic


As of March 31, 2022 the Walk-In Clinic will be reducing its hours and only available Saturday and Sunday from 10 – 2 on a first come first serve basis by physically “walking in” to the office. Phones will not be answered on weekends! We understand this will limit appointment availability  to walk-in patients but it is all we are able to offer. 

Despite ongoing efforts to sustain the walk-in clinic we regret having to make this decision. Our walk-in clinic has solely serviced an extremely large geographical area for over 10 years but without support from the healthcare community, division of BC and the government we do not have the ability to service the growing demand of walk-in patients on top of our own family practices.

Please voice any concerns you may have to the government.

Walk-in Clinic Services

  • We are able to see walk-in patients for a wide range of visits from pap smears, rx refills, ear syringing, drivers medicals and more.
  • Our medical clinic offers walk-in and family medicine services for patients who have a valid Medical Services Plan Care Card, Care Card from another province (other than Quebec) or are covered by ICBC or WorkSafeBC.
  • Our walk-in clinic is also available to patients visiting from the states or other countries. See Uninsured Services.

Additional Walk-In Information

  • Due to the high demand of people needing to see a doctor we recommend coming early as we fill up very fast.
  • We only call patients if results come back abnormal. It is recommended if you don’t hear from us within 7 – 10 days of testing to call and check on results.

Alternate Resources

Due to such a high demand of walk-in patients every day, here are alternative options: