Walk-in Clinic

Our walk in clinic is open 7 days a week on a first come, first serve basis. When you check in we will be able to give you an approximate wait time.

Walk-in Clinic Services

  • Our walk-in clinic is available to all local area residents plus all tourists. We are able to see walk-in patients for a wide range of visits from pap smears, rx refills, ear syringing, drivers medicals and more.
  • Our medical clinic offers walk-in and family medicine services for patients who have a valid Medical Services Plan Care Card, Care Card from another province (other than Quebec) or are covered by ICBC or WorkSafeBC.
  • Our walk-in clinic is also available to patients visiting from the states or other countries. See Uninsured Services.

Additional Walk-In Information

  • Remember sometimes the walk-in clinic has a backlog of patients, so it is a good idea to show up well before closing to ensure we have time to see you.
  • We only call patients if results come back abnormal. It is recommended if you don’t hear from us within 7 – 10 days of testing to call and check on results.

Alternate Resources

Due to such a high demand of walk-in patients every day, we have come up with some alternative options if our walk-in clinic is full